etsy love: raeburn ink

here goes the second installment of etsy love!


this time, it's all about the patchwork goodness created by jennifer cooke, aka raeburn ink. jen hails from eureka, california, and has a website at and a blog at jen produces printed clothing, home accessories, and accessories, all of which feature riotously colored abstracted patterns. according to her website's about page, her work is grouped into "thematic collections are inspired by everything from topographic maps to security envelopes". nylon and lucky have preached the good word about her work, and her stuff has even been sold at one of my favorite department stores, the inimitable barney's new york. and with good reason: her work is envelope-pushing, completely modern, supremely artful. i've yet to see anything else like it...subsequently, i keep coming back to her etsy shop and pining away for everything to be found there. i can't help it...everything there just resonates completely with me and my aesthetic. bravo, jen!


these puffy patchwork rings made from tiny scraps leftover from other patchwork projects are ingenious...i love the idea of fabric jewelry, and i actually collect it. the fact that these are oversized adds to their charm but doesn't seem as if it would weigh the wearer down due to their materials and obvious loft. completely eye-catching.


i am complete bowled over by jen's work with patchwork: the colors and fabrics she utilizes set her work far away from the pack...she strikes a thoughtful, planned balance between solids and patterns (many of which are her own prints) that simply works, and those solid planes, of course, give the eye a place to rest, but thankfully, not retire, because of their vivid hues. this patchwork pillow is a perfect example of her skills with the aforementioned:


i'd snap either of these bags up in a millisecond. the pink and red-orange photo-print bag is from her i heart japan collection (and uses photos from her journey to that land), and the patchwork bag, like the ring and the pillow, is from her patchwork collection. i featured the blue patchwork bag in my recent article over at the storque, mentioned here on bits and bobbins yesterday.



the latter carries on the same theme and feel as the pillow above: again, the solids work incredibly well with the prints...the mix is just perfection, and again, completely and totally modern in the very best way.


want more? check out: raeburn ink viva, etsy!