favorites and obessions

favorites of some moment.
(more favorite-ness at my ye olde flickr faves page)


other favorites and obsessions:
-i'm really picky about the fashion blogs i like and choose to read. i like 'em thoughtful. i like them to be themselves, write well, be interesting, and not the trend. right now i am picking fops and dandies, who is all those things.
-i've been eating too many cinnamon bears and jelly belly's. someone stop me before i turn into either one! (actually, i really wanna go to the jelly belly jelly bean factory sometime soon! it's in the bay area!)
-finding cute vintage maternity patterns on ebay. because everything else available for pregnant women out there at the moment makes me want to projectile vomit (i.e., doesn't suit my aesthetic AT ALL). seriously pondering making a lot of my "lady-in-waiting" wardrobe myself.
-food in general. my body is insane. for some reason i'm craving this.
-weird fashion dreams. by fashion, i mean, like, in the dream i was dreaming about something fashion-y or something i want to make. or should make. the night before last it was a necklace with a bunch of wire and a cluster of white beads. last night, i couldn't stop thinking about an outfit that consisted of a yellow top and yellow pants. methinks me brain is trying to TELL ME SOMETHING (i.e., go make or find that, dammit). i'm going to go with it.
-sweater coats. yeah, uh-huh. yup. yes. in bright colors, natch.