reusable shopping bags, ahoy!

reusable shopping bags are where it's at, natch!
me and the mister have a cabal of fun bags that we tote around when shopping so's we don't always have to take a bag from the store and be all wasteful and stuff. in the event we do have to take a bag from a store, like say, whole foods (where we do our grocery shopping in our 'hood), we take their paper bags and then reuse them for our recycling (bottles, cans, etc.), ensuring that they also get recycled.
the idea of it is starting to hit critical mass, methinks: everyone and their mom is talking about reusable bags these days. proof positive:
1.) threadbanger!

this week's threadheads episode was all about reusable shopping bags. they gave us the dowlow about morsbags, buffalo exchange and their token-for-not-taking-a-bag program, and showed off a reusable bag made of scraps of recycled fabric by artist rebekah potter, and more. thanks rob & corrine!


2.) danny seo:


this one is about inspiration and good ideas: one of eco-friendly creatrix danny seo's posts this past week was about reusable bags and how stores (like trader joe's) do, can and should make incentives to get customers to bring their own reusable bags. good idea, indeed.


3.) burdastyle:

(image via

got a sewing machine, thread, and fabric at your disposal? not to mention a computer and printer? well make your own reusable bags, then! burdastyle recently made a free(!) pattern for a reusable shopping bag available on their site. looks easy-peasy...make a coordinated collection of grocery bags, and when you're done, make some for your friends! awesome.


do you use reusable bags? feel free to share more tips or links on the reusable or bag-recycling tip, if you have any!