(thrift) finds

i walked to goodwill today as an excuse to get out of the house, get some exercise, and enjoy the warmer temps we've been having here in san francisco of late. it's been BEAUTIFUL here lately. mid 60s, sunny. jealous, anyone?
anyway, i tried on the most amazing silk floral wrap dress (the shoulders of which reminded me of the balenciaga stuff people have been drooling over lately) and an acid wash denim dress with long sleeves and a high collar that zipped up the front.
much to my chagrin, neither fit...the belly knows, and grows. it won. i took neither home.
but i did find...


(a big cone of red-orange yarn, for one dollar, 99 cents.)

that's a lot of yarn, yo.


(some super simple black leather oxfords...uh, natch.)

simple oxfords


off to make some zucchini cheddar bread. because i don't just sew, knit, crochet and write...i also bake. :)