faves and obsessions

faves, faves, faves

oh, life has been good lately. i can't say exactly what i've been doing exactly (certainly not blogging tons, huh?), or why , but i've been in a deliciously good mood. and sometimes that's all that really matters. blogging happens when it happens for me i guess. patience on the part of any interested parties is all that's really needed. :) if there are interested parties! haha!

of course, i have obsessions, i always do!

-the little things in life. -the passages of life. -lots of long walks in the warm midday san francisco sun. -little fruit salads. i'm all about green grapes and strawberries together at the moment. sometimes i toss in a pear or an orange. YUMMO. -knitting stuff. knitting everything. reknitting, knitting more.

pile o' knits

-my husband. he's the best! -the future bebe. i heard it's little heartbeat the other day. pretty darn neat. i've been smiling ever since. here's hoping everything's going well in there. *points to belly questioningly* -as far as colors, navy blue (like the color of dark, inky denim), paired with light sky blue and intense orange (see the orange on the pile of knits up there). -the way the sky looks sometimes around sunset...the mix of violet, blue-violet, orange, and yellow. it's of the most beautiful sights i think i have ever seen.