ny mag's monochromatic new yorkers





(photo credit: tina tyrell/new york magazine)

writer joanna goddard (who blogs over at a cup of jo) recently penned an article for new york magazine about monochromatic new yorkers: cultural creatives in the big apple who are obsessed with wearing only one color every single day. small interviews get into their heads and shed light on their chosen colors and how they maintain their personal style within the confines of their color choices. the results are stunning, and the peek into these people's minds is absolutely fascinating. the whole article resonates with me on so many levels...but suffice it to say that i relate to all of these folks on a very deep level, being so color obsessed myself!
in her own blog post broadcasting the release of her article, jo asked:
If you had to wear only one color, which would you choose?
i think you all might know my answer. :)


what color would you choose to wear, if asked to choose just one?