etsy love: stylebook vintage

i have a short and sweet/quick and dirty (whichever you favor) BONUS etsy love for this week! enjoy!


this BONUS etsy love is all about stylebook vintage! stylebook is a ye olde online pal o' mine...and she just started up a little etsy shop, in the effort to offload some SUPER choice vintage pieces she's collected over the years, as she's moving long-distance in the not too far off future. i promised i'd spread the word about her shop and her need to get these sold, goes!

her eye is impeccable...leaning heavily toward the sweetly girlish and adorable. i imagine eating cupcakes and having a picnic on a sunny day in really, any of these frocks and smocks. everything is just so smile inducing and irresistible, with a refreshing dash of irony (just like their previous owner!). and those colors! *faints*

some particularly fine picks from stylebook vintage's offerings, to whet your appetite:

(confession: i'd totally snag this last one if i wasn't going to get huge soon! arg! so, someone awesome, please! get it, and wear it well!)

want more? visit stylebook vintage viva la etsy!