(not so) random links

-perhaps proving that there's really no cheap thrill in cheap shopping, low impact living gives us the downlow on the ethical and environmental track records of major retailers like the gap/old navy/banana republic, H&M, and forever 21. seems the most trend-forward of them all is not so bad. WELL, slap me and call me sally! :P


face it, fashion is size-ist. no matter the occasional protests from various camps, it's clear that nobody really in the top tiers of fashion gives a fig about the frail figures of today's models, least of all the top designers showing their wares in paris this past week (via the wall street journal). sometimes i just wish that the fashion world in general would just get with reality...scarily skinny is most definitely NOT the most beautiful thing, nor is it realistic, or attainable for most mortals.


-undeniably thought-provoking = this bluetooth burka that can digitally reveal the face of the individual the burka itself is meant to hide. said to be controversial, this garment was designed by german named marcus kison and was shown at the MIT media lab seamless fashion show, a “fashion event featuring innovative and experimental works in computational apparel design, interactive clothing, and technology-based fashion”. marcus kison is also behind the vanity ring, which registers the number of google hits received by the wearer. clever, clever!


fashion vs. the internet: seems that a number of top designers (especially the older ones) are techno-phobes, refusing to get within spitting distance of a personal computer. maybe it's a good thing...they aren't distracted by the pretty flashy things that abound in this vast, time-sucking series of tubes, leaving time and mindspace for making pretty things! *snigger* (via the international herald tribune)


-i don't buy a whole lot of fashion mags anymore...i just get my paws on a few of my faves, and i'm all peachy and pleased as punch. for a long while, i was obsessed with blueprint, favoring it over the usual glossy-paged style periodical for it's clean look, and DIY, holistic, whole-lifestyle attitude. and then it tanked. and i was sad and a little angry. BUT, word on the street is that blueprint's coming back in the form of a (NEW AND IMPROVED) blog! WOO-HOO! and even better, my pal, artist lisa congdon, and her pal/business partner rena tom (over at the superb NYC/SF shop rare device) will be blogging there regularly on the topic of design, fashion, trends, or whatever the heck they feel like. i'll definitely be reading!


and, of course, the quick and dirty links, cuz you like it that way, oh yes!:

-patchwork-y, recycled homegoods goodness by designer sandy stone inspires and abounds over at poppytalk

-chunky necklace goodness (via new york mag, via fly)

-i'm in love with the patterns (illustrated by GREAT fashion drawings) over at MetaPostModernKnitting.com. i'm over the moon about the runway bolero and speckles (though perhaps in more "me" colorways, natch).

-and more on the knitting tip...geraniums and potatoes has a nice lil round-up of her fave free patterns, all of which i also approve of as well!

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