discarded to divine 2008


this one's for the san franciscans...especially those into recycling and restyling clothing!
the st. vincent de paul society of san francisco is a charity organization that provides care and assistance to the homeless and needy of the city of san francisco. for the past several years, they've sponsored an event called discarded to divine, where, as it states on their site, "donated clothes [are] transformed into one-of-a-kind couture creations, auctioned to benefit the poor and homeless". this is fashion for a cause, and a worthy one at that, as the homeless population in san francisco is, to put it lightly, sizable. these people might be considered the discards of society by some, but with the help of st. vincent de paul and their programs, it's hoped that their lives have a chance to (once again?) become divine.
discarded to divine 2008 has already closed their call for entries as of the end of january, but if you're in the city of san francisco, you can check out the fabulous handmade recycled clothing confections at various locations around town from february through april.
a sneak preview of the garments can be seen at the venerable de young museum on friday, april 4th, 2008.
but the main event, an AUCTION of these undoubtedly gorgeous pieces will occur on saturday, april 26, 2008 at the academy of art's spring fashion week event, the location of which just happens to be down the road from where i live! awesome. i'll definitely be there (and not square! actually, probably pretty round at that point, but i digress!!).
for more information, please see the discarded to divine 2008 website.
also, for a peek at previous years garments, you can check out this discarded to divine 2006 flickr set!


(thanks to the amazing outsapop for the tip off!)