(not so) random links

-this post ranting about clueless PR people by a dress a day really hits home with me. i've started getting a rash of PR and product/brand shilling emails this past year, and i've got some tips for those people, on the off-chance they might actually be reading this (fat chance, i know):

a.) first, spell my name right, or heck, address me with my actual name...it's at the top of the blog if you need a refresher.

b.) take a look at my blog to see what i actually like, talk about, and post about. only about 1% (or less) of the pitches i get via email are relevant to the subject at hand here or are relevant to me or my design sense. i'm not into rock music, teeshirts, cellphones, celebs, or super trendy fashion stuff. if you're sending me anything on those topics you're wasting your time. DO RESEARCH. make the email you're sending to me personal. and that means more than a sentence saying "your blog is GREAT!" you probably say that to everyone.

c.) take the time to spellcheck and make sure the email is reasonably grammatically correct. (see erin's post above for reference to why the converse is crazymaking).

anyone else (who blogs regularly, i guess?) get these pitches and such? how do you feel about them? i feel like this is a really common thing, i can't be the only one who finds it a little maddening! or maybe you like them?


-seems there's a growing trend for not washing your hair. meaning, forgoing the shampoozle. i am in this camp...i had no idea it was something gaining popularity! my hair is dyed red...in order to preserve the color i only wash it 1x a week, pop a showercap over it most other days, using bumble and bumble hair powder (in red, natch) and a blow dryer in the interim. anyone else embrace the dirty daily, or are you an everyday hair shampooer?


-pamela golbin, curator in charge of of the musée de la mode et du textile in paris shares a choice tips on how to preserve one's vintage clothing pieces (via the wall street journal).


ooh, ooh! some quick and dirty:

-"stop, drop and drool" (over your shoes) is right! especially when it comes to these chie mihara lovelies (thanks fashion is spinach!) and finsk for topshop stunners (scroll down).

-delicious subversion: how graphic designer/artist scott king would sink american vogue (via creative review, via someone else whom i forgot, eep!). if only this would really happen. HA!

-these mottled beads you can make from old newspapers are rather intriguing...they look like stone! i'm almost compelled to make some giant ones and pretend i'm wilma flintstone or her gal-pal betty rubble. (via a storybook life, via craft:)