thrift (finds).

all found at thrift town, SF, this past week.


one of my top thrift finds of all time: an eley kishimoto shift dress with a white and red-orange print. when i stumbled across it, my jaw actually, factually dropped and then i felt like i was high for about a good hour afterwards. thank you, o great thrift gods!

hell yes this is a eley kishimoto dress for $5.99

the thrifted eley kishimoto dress

this dress is part of my incentive to get back in shape post-bebe! :)


a sweet summery sundress:

red thrifted sundress


zipper-detailed alligator textured 80s pumps:

zipper alligator textured pumps


orangey-brown vintage boots:

orangish brown boooots

the perfect replacement for this now dead but dearly loved pair i thrifted in manhattan several years ago. also, a fine and MUCH CHEAPER substitute for this pair of loeffler randall beauties i was coveting. again! thank you muchly, thrift gods! i'm forever reverent to you!