etsy love: DrikaB

it's been a while. i know! so sorry.
better late that never, i always say!
so, here's the latest installment of etsy love!


this time around, it's all about DrikaB!
i discovered DrikaB via a very recent post on the exceedingly tasteful and lovely design blog creature comforts. thanks to the etsy profile page found on DrikaB's etsy shop, i learned that the maker of these beautious bags is a brazilian transplant who resides in the san francisco bay area. hey, right near me!


DrikaB states that "her primary goal is to keep making things that are practical and fun", and her line of handmade bags are certainly true to that self-motivated directive. 'colorful', whimsical, and 'designed decidedly different' are descriptives that i'd deign to assign her work. i love her modern sensibility in the use of materials and the pattern-play she employs, and even the decision to use a heavy burlap-like strapping seems genius to ups the texture stakes, and provides an almost utilitarian feel to the bags that contrasts nicely with the graphic fabrics found in her work in abundance. perfecto, people!


DrikaB bags not only look super sturdy (seemingly sewn PERFECTLY, people, no dubious 'deconstructionist' look or excuse in evidence here!), they also appear to be nice and roomy. i saw one tote measuring a generous 16" by 18", for example, allowing the lucky owner of such a bag to pack it with a day's needs with utmost ease. the insides of her bags (the totes at least) are complete with pockets for whatever one likes...pads? pens? wallets? you decide.


and DrikaB is prolific! examples of her past designs can be found on her etsy sold items page. what lucky folks those current DrikaB bag owners are! just like a creature comforts...i'm almost about to cave and snap one of these stunners up myself! think one of those totes might make a good baby bag?? (haha!)


want more? check out DrikaB viva etsy!