fiber (diversion): knitted organs

mostly unknown fact (unless you're a particularly astute reader with a devilishly good memory): i'm sickeningly, hopelessly facinated with the biology of the human body. in my free time, i literally devour books on medicine, human biology, and watch everything interesting on the same on the telly. i wanted to be an MD when i was a wee girl.
couple that with with my thing for all things fiber...and you can see why i am obsessed with this knitted brain, heart, and intestines by artist sarah illenberger:




i think the use of yarn to fashion faux organs is a particularly sensitive, deeply metaphorical choice with a dual meaning: said yarn is soft, it's gauge delicate, echoing the equally delicate nature of our innards, sitting protected in our body cavities. but conversely, the choice to sculpt these organs out of yarn with the medium of knitting suggests strength: our organs are resilient, tough, capable of keeping most of us ticking, thinking, moving along in a myriad of ways daily, and for decades.


see also: this slightly less poetic looking (though equally as cool) knitted digestive system by matie trewe (via