(not so) random links

-a reminder for you san franciscans/bay area denziens: the 2008 discarded to divine fashion show and auction is coming up soon! it's on april 26th, at 7 pm, at the academy of art's building over at 601 brannan street, in the soma district here in san francisco.

i posted about the upcoming event way back at the end of february...i was planning on going, but oops, turns out i'll be resting and relaxing on a beach in hawaii that weekend! so, i beg of you, GO! and report back!

get a peep at select, stunning garments that will be featured at the show by checking out sf indie fashion's fabulous discarded to divine sneak preview!


according to the telegraph, fashion mags are now photoshopping curves onto skinny models and celebs in an attempt to deflect criticism concerning possible objectification of said skinny models in the recent past. wait, first these models aren't skinny enough...now they are TOO skinny? seriously, WTF? i think this quote nails the ridiculousness of all this:

...Susan Ringwood, the chief executive of the eating disorder charity Beat, condemned the practice. "Altering models' bodies to appear fuller-figured proves that the industry acknowledges there is a serious issue with projecting images of very thin models, but [it is] missing the point," she said. "They should be using naturally healthy models in the first instance, instead of having to make them look that way."

indeed. EMBRACE REALITY, fashion industry, it's the latest trend!


-has the sartorialist has overstepped his boundaries as a street fashion photographer? not wanting to limit himself to merely concentrating on documenting stylish folks, he's now moving on to 'making over' those who allegedly just don't make the cut as fodder for his site. seems he's wanting to make such folks conform to the sartorialist "look", or make them look "better"...implying there's a standard to conform to, stylewise. over 500 comments show that at least a few folks are questioning (and also supporting) this move of his...

for me, the post in question in turn begs these questions:

...should street fashion photographers dispense style advice? what is a street fashion photographer's intention or job? to merely document, or dictate? should a street fashion blog be about celebration, or about dissection (of a person's style)?

...and what about the issue of personal style? are the personal style statements of some superior to those of others?

...do some street fashion photogs document a more true or "better" version of street style?

...can any one street fashion photographer be truly diverse in what they show or choose to show, given their own tastes and inclinations?

what say you?


and the quick and dirty (the all-sock edition!):

-these prep-tastic pom-pom socks featured on the purl bee are so deliciously cute. the pom-poms are completely reminiscent of bunny tails...and who doesn't like bunnies? *grin* anyway, i think said socks could be super suave and more than a little subversive done in a really riotous color combo, like neon yellow paired with gray, or mint green paired with red-orange. natch.

-metapostmodernknitting is running a sock design challenge. the aim? to create an artsy and/or fashionable knitted sock for women. think you've got the knit wits and style sense to come up with something suitable? go to this blog post on MPMK for more details! (via craft:)