finds from hawaii

i'm back from hawaii! it was so amazing! i'm in such a fog today...i think my brain is still on vacation! you can find a few choice shots from our travels in my hawaii 2008 flickr set (should you be interested in that sort of thing. i know other people's travel pics can be a major yawn!) :P


i allowed myself one official souvenir from hawaii: this handmade hawaiian quilted tote with a pineapple motif. in orange, NATCH. *grin* i bought it at the hawaiian quilt collection, an adorable little shop in downtown waikiki (on kalakaua avenue). the cute little old ladies who ran the shop told me the pineapple pattern represents "friendship or welcome". a cheery meaning for my happy new bag.

hawaiian quilt tote

the shop was filled with lots of supremely lovely bags of various and sundry shapes and sizes, as well as gorgeous pillow covers, kitchen accessories, and full-sized quilts, all in beautiful vivid color pairings. i was in heaven, i wanted to buy absolutely everything i saw!...and i also believe i was also the youngest gal in the shop! guess these sorts of things aren't appealing to the youth of today! har har. anyway, i do believe that i am now obsessed with hawaiian's something i am raring to try sooner rather than later, giving it my own spin somehow...


i managed to do a little thrifting whilst on vacation, too!

here be the motherload of 80s enamel earrings! thrifted in kailua, oahu, hawaii:

vintage earring jackpot!

only 50 cents per pair. whatta steal!


glitter dot blouse, thrifted in kailua, oahu, hawaii:

vintage glitter dot top

silky vintage floral blouse, made in hawaii! thrifted @ the savers in kahului, maui:

vintage hawaiian blouse

vintage japanese-made mugs:

70s floral mugs

an adorable local that was standing nearby when i was checking out told peter and i that these japanese made mugs were a give-away gift at a local hawaiian savings bank.