threadheads: contact paper screen print

this past week's episode of threadheads featured a how-to lesson on making contact paper screen prints, from brooklyn-based printer and maker karine persan of better than jam.

i absolutely LOVE's a process that has so much potential for application (to paper, fabric, and WAY WAY beyond). imagine what flair you could add to thrifted finds or plain pieces that need a little pizzaz that are already hanging in your closet. or, you could even go all the way and make your own fabrics, which you could then turn into amazing, one of a kind pieces of clothing! oh yes, yes, yes!
the method karine demonstrates is even do-able for total beginners to the silkscreening/printmaking process. check it out! and also check out the offbeat imagery karine uses in her own innovative and unique (things like brain x-rays, bagpipes and other oddities).
great work as always, rob and corrine!