favorites and obsessions

faves!(check out more of my fave faves on my ye olde flickr favorites page)

preparing for baby is busy work! i seem to have something to do all the time, and almost every day...some preparation class to take or event to attend, some little baby-related errand to run. more so of these things the closer we get. whew! it's tiring. it seems to be all we can think about! but it's all good. the anticipation is sweet, indeed.


other things i cannot stop thinking about:
-in a fashion-related sense: interesting neon stuff like this and these, cool glasses, and patterned leggings. i also would really, REALLY like to wear a high-waisted skirt with a vintage button-down blouse tucked into it. kind of NOT gonna happen for a while, yes. but, soon, soon...i hope!
i feel like i've had to take a vacation from style for a while. but it's okay, all for a good cause...
-african fabric. wow, it makes me so happy just to look at it. i want to use it for everything. here's more.
-purple and red, together.
-bowls of cherries. whee, cherry season is upon us! now, where are the cheap nectarines? i'm dyin' over here! there's nothing like a super ripe, almost disintegrating, juicy nectarine in the summer. mmm, mmm.