(not so) random links

-from a recent washington post article about (u.s.) vogue magazine editrix anna wintour, and the ethos of her iconic magazine:

vogue wintour quote.png

i don't bother to buy or read vogue, for just such reasons. it's unattainable, elitist, fantasy aspects just don't appeal to me on a myriad of levels. it's just too divorced from reality for my tastes, with it's ridiculously priced clothing, and highly polished and crafted images of women, culture, and life...realistically, they will never be a reflection of my own life. stories about real people and images of real people, with their imperfections and differences, appeal to me far more than anything i might spot in vogue, or any magazines of a similar ilk. however, i'm probably in the minority...vogue is considered to be THE fashion bible by many, and ms. wintour is so revered and fetishized by the culture at large that she's almost untouchable, perhaps even goddess-like in the eyes of some.
what about you? what kind of magazines do YOU favor? do you like indulging in aspirational fantasy when you digest your fashion mags, or, conversely, seeing reality when you deign to crack a style-focused monthly? or do you like a little of each, depending on your mood or whim at a given moment?


-could it be that hairstyles are a cultural barometer that suggests the current state of world economies? (via the independent) if so, some (japanese) economists say, then the long hair that heralded the high flying financial times of the recent past is on it's way out, and cropped styles are on their way in, suggesting that when money's short, so's are our locks. in a very simple way, lots of flowing locks could metaphorically suggest abundance, while cutting one's hair back may be seen as being suggestive of (financial) scarcity. others note that during the times when money and material things are scarce, people desire more visual stimulation...the variety and diversity of short hairstyles may give people at least some novelty in times of want.
any other reasons you think this might be? or is the supposition of these economists reaching for straws, and kind of a crock? what say YOU?
have you been noticing a trend (on a micro or macro level) in the way of shorter hairstyles, either locally, or in the culture at large, now that the economy has taken a dive? do you think there's any merit to the supposition of these economists when it comes to the way we choose to wear our hair?


the quick and dirty:
-the renegade craft fair descends upon san francisco this coming weekend! cool! more details here.
-burdastyle recently made a post that featured some quick, helpful tips on taking better pictures. i've harped on this subject before...i don't know about you, but i'm sick of seeing janky photos of people's creative endeavors or outfits. make the effort...go the extra mile! you'll find that people respond more to aesthetically pleasing, thoughtfully designed photos and images in blogs and elsewhere. and, it's not really all that hard of a skill to master. just like anything else, it just takes practice. do eeeeet!!!
-i've always had a soft spot for knitted, crocheted, and fiber jewelry. which explains why i am enamored with this crochet collar pattern by the ongoing project. (via craft:)
-make a pleasing workbasket and matching pincushion using vintage sheets! it is by oh fransson and is friggin' adorable. put it to work as a place to stash and corral all those little bits and bobs you use for creative clothes-making (also via craft:)
-smagglestyle shows us all how to make good on those laddered tights and stockings by morphing them into a fabulous necklace. she's a smart cookie, that smaggle!
-because i quite literally have babies on the brain right now, and uh, a baby living inside my body at the moment (umm, hello???), i'm all "awwww!" over this cute little quick bias tape bib project over at the purl bee. cute! on a related note, their pattern for knitted baby bloomers is pretty damn adorable too.
-make yarn out of scraps of fabric with the help of laughing purple (via whip up). oh, the possibilities!
-some creative ways to lace your shoes/sneaks (via buzzfeed)
-liebemarlene just made a post about knitting and vintage knitting patterns and her love for such. one of the commenters on the aforementioned post linked to this adorable "3-hour sweater" pattern from the 1930s. v. cute, eh? and allegedly, quick too...