half-arsed maternity "leave"

no bebe royal...yet! her due date is friday.

umbilical cord hat
(a little hat i made for le bebe royal)

feeling no rumblings at all...well, maybe a few, but nothing big that makes it seem like her entrance into the world is imminent. what's going on in there, girl?? *points at belly questioningly*


i've decided i'm going to take a wee maternity "leave", as i am trying to finish up some last minute personal things before she decides to arrive, and thus, i think blogging best take a back-seat, for now.

and perhaps for a bit after she's here, of course. will be in the baby zone for a time!

which means a hiatus from some of the things i regularly post here, like (not so) random links and the wardrobe_remix(ers) o' the week, for just a bit. hope you understand!

will keep you informed of her arrival...whenever that is!

love to all.