lisa anne auerbach: political knit(wear)s


check out this timely statement sweater:My Jewish Grandma is Voting for Obama, Is Yours? Chosen People Choose Obama by knitter and artist lisa anne auerbach. (via whip up)
incidentally, auerbach is the artist behind the steal this sweater project, and was featured in the book knit knit: profiles and projects from knitting's new wave.
why not let auerbach's work inspire you to make similar statements with your clothing? as has been discussed ad nauseum here before, clothing can say a lot... about the person who's wearing the threads, as well as the world they live in. said statements can be and often are subtile and subconscious, sure, but are at times more fun when they are completely conscious and sometimes, (more than) a little subversive.


don't forget to vote on tuesday, november 4th, americans! :)