kate cusack's zipper jewelry



(photos via katecusack.com)


above, neckwear by jewelry designer kate cusack. her jewelry work makes smart use of something super ubiquitous: the hardworking zipper. she also makes brooches and bracelets, she sells the former over at etsy as well.
this one has been making the rounds lately, fo sho. see cool hunting, farpitz, and coral stars, for starters.
it strikes me, when looking at the pieces shown above more closely, that the metal teeth of the zippers ms. cusack uses to make these necklaces and other jewelry are like little jewels...they add a bit of ersatz preciousness to them, in a way. i love how they make use an unexpected material, to much modern, sculptural effect.


see also:
-the work of junk jewelry
-the zipper collars of the amazing outi pyy (of outsapop)
both are also skilled at (making something out of "nothing")...