femke agema's [hide out] collection





a conceptual collection for winter 2006/2007, by femke agema. apparently, it's a response to the overload of (negative) advertising and marketing that seems to wash over all of us these days, seemingly all the time. instead, says agema, let's all just hide out and "get happy again!"...by wearing clothes that make us feel as if we're cuddled up and safe in our comfy beds. (via design for mankind)
i love love love how agema has rendered classic details, like hoods, puffed sleeves and full skirts in those unexpected, puffy, overstuffed, quilted fabrics that resemble one's favorite duvet or sleeping bag. the members of the collection are blatantly humorous, irreverent, and cartoonish, yet, the result is strangely and compellingly wearable (in my opinion, anyway). those thick layers and padding serve as a barrier against the outside world, whilst one navigates within said outside world...a way to stimulatingly ward off the slings and arrows of daily life, so rife with overstimulus.