nankeen: ancient chinese [secret]

Picture 4.png

nankeen (the brainchild of designer anne page) is a company that makes stunningly beautious indigo blue cotton bags using an endangered ancient chinese stencil-based printing process that dates from the song dynasty.
it's a lovely thing that the textiles used here and the process which creates them is being preserved, as admirers and purchasers of such bags and accessories can learn about the history and significance of the fabrics and prints by buying and using the bags, they are in turn supporting and sustaining the continuance of their manufacture, ensuring that the process is not lost to time.
i must say: there's something very classic about the pairing of that deep indigo blue with that's like a terrific white blouse paired with some amazing dark denims. and like (dark) denim, a bag of this color would arguably go with just about anything, it's nearly a neutral.
if i had my druthers (what's a druther?...) i'd carry that giant weekender as my every-day-er...(and perhaps pair them with those gorge tracey neuls dip-dyed heels!)