etsy love: melaniefavreau

i've decided to try and squeeze in an etsy love or two a week in this bright, shiny new year. because? because there are so many amazing artists and designers i've stumbled across over at etsy! i keep collecting their etsy shops in my favorites, and i REALLY want to share the love (and show you the amazing goods they make). i loved making these posts last year but i often wrote so much (because i was so inspired!) was a tad exhausting. :P far as these posts go from here on out, there'll be less emphasis on verbosity on my part (thank goodness, right?), and more emphasis on showing off said designers/artists amazing products.
sound good? good.


jewelry designer melaniefavreau hails from montreal. working primarily in sterling silver, ms. melaniefavreau fashions cheeky, irreverent, and often surprisingly sleek charms, rings and ear adornments, some of which riff off the shape and concept of some ubiquitous items of daily life, like diamond rings, bread bag ties, and number tickets (like the ones you find at delis and markets).




i don't wear much silver anymore, myself, but i've gotta say, those long thin earrings are, in my not so humble opinion, incredible. very minimal, and sort of maximal at the same time (due to their size). wow. now, if only they came in gold...! :)