threadbanger: DIY women's underwear!

on this week's episode of threadbanger, and lingerie maker clare bare demonstrate how to make a pair of very sexy girlie unders from a men's button-down shirt...just in time for valentines day. girls: make some for yourself! make some for your girl friends! guys who are handy with a sewing machine: make some for your ladyfriend(s)! it almost goes without saying: these would make perfect gifts.
i love the idea of making one's own underwear! i totally want to try this myself. it looks SO simple to do, and (as with a lot of things DIY!) the possibilities seem incredibly only need a tiny bit of fabric to make them (like, you could raid the remnant pile at your local fabric retailer for luxe ends to put to this use)...but if you make them out of otherwise useless fabric culled from old clothes you don't use or find secondhand (like clare suggests/demonstrates), so much the better, eh? sustainable skivvies!
awesome work as always, threadbanger!