quick (fashion) questions: street fashion sites = have they 'jumped the shark'?

(this one is inspired by a post entitled street style is dead; long live street style! by morgan of pandahead magazine over at brightest young things (where miss morgan regularly guest-posts))...


-have street style sites reached a saturation point? i.e., are there too many of said websites, with too many of them essentially showing the same thing (same type of people, too similar of styles), over and over? do we need MORE street style websites? one from every city, town, village? multiple ones from every city? would more be better? or would less be better?
-are street style sites, as a blog/website category, losing their novelty? or, as morgan and her commenters suppose, are they just reaching a saturation point amongst those who have long been rabid fans of that particular genre of fashion photography?
-are many of the popular street fashion websites/blogs too focused upon one style, at the expense of other styles/a sense of diversity? or could one argue that the photographers running and maintaining those sites have focused their eye upon a certain aesthetic that appeals to those individuals and their readers?
-to take this a bit further: is there, in this day and age, a discernible difference between the denizens of one city to the next, as far as documentable street fashion/fashion trends are concerned? or has easy access to the internet and globalization of retail homogenized style to a great degree? meaning, can we tell the difference between the hipsters in paris and the ones dwelling in london, or the ones who hail from san francisco or the ones who hail from new york?
-morgan asks, and i in turn ask too: if street style/fashion blogs are beginning to become or have become passe (at least amongst some small subset, perhaps), then what the heck is next?
-will this kind of thing (street style websites and their ilk) stick around and become ubiqutious and everywhere?
-will only the strong survive? (note that a lot popped up a long while ago, and have since been abandoned, new ones have sprung up in their wake.)
-what will or could this type of blogging and documentation of those around us morph/evolve into, if anything?