wardrobe_remix & flickr

thanks to google blog search, i found out via an article on the dartmouth.com (by author erin jaeger) that flickr co-founder, stewart butterfield, gave quite a bit of lip service to wardrobe_remix in a recent talk he gave about about the aforementioned photo-sharing site:

"The site also allows users to join online communities of people with similar interests, Butterfield said. Some of Flickr’s more popular groups include “wardrobe_remix,” a group comprised mostly of “women in their twenties,” he said, who post photos of outfits and discuss where they purchased each item of clothing, and “Pisa Pushers,” a page on which users post pictures of tourists posing as if they were holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“People can find a community for more or less anything they are interested in,” he said. “There are 70,000 photos from almost 13,000 people in ‘wardrobe_remix’ alone."

wardrobe_remix is so huge that even the founder of flickr has noticed, and mentions it in talks. pretty flabbergasting influence for a little group on flickr i started nearly four (!!!) years ago! i am still so humbled by it's exponential growth, spread, influence, and popularity. and i am delighted by the numbers of the folks (over 13,000 members!) who have joined and i am especially proud with creativity and niceness of those who participate by throwing their photos (70,000+!!) into the pool. wow!

thanks, everyone, for making it what it is today! *bows to you*