vice magazine's global trend report 09

(images via vice magazine)

vice magazine's fashion issue has a global trend report 09 divulges the current zeitgeist around the world courtesy of cutting capsules on cities/countries as far flung as new york, los angeles, melborne, copenhagen, amsterdam, london, mexico city, new zealand (to name but a few).
their synopsis of the styles o' the moment in the featured locales are as hilarious as they are on the mark, in true vice style. at least in the case of new york! goodness gracious, grunge is back around here (at least for the ladies): it's all torn jeans, plaid shirts, and pixie/granny boots. i feel like i am in high school again when i look at the young, hip, whippersnappers (or deign to step foot into say, an urban outfitters. whoa!) in said getups! *grin*
anyway, i found the whole article absolutely hilarious (to the point of cackling loudly to myself and annoyingly reading the descriptions aloud to my less than amused husband, who was across the room trying to work at the time. oops!)


i love seeing that there is in fact still local flavor in an era of rampant globalization. i was starting to fear that the opposite was be proven wrong on that account is reassuring.
those of you reading who might be dwelling in some of the cities they hit:
-where do you feel most at home amongst these cities? any more welcoming to your current fashion mindvibe than others? (i'm all about what those crazy kids in copenhagen are wearing. awesome, ha!)
-did vice get it right? how did they get it wrong? anything they missed? or is the whole thing a joke? :P
-what are some trends, small and large, happening in your neck o' the woods, as it were? fill us in!