nyc people: good, reasonably priced hair salon in manhattan?

hi hi! can anyone who may be reading who lives/plays in manhattan recommend a good hair salon/stylist/colorist?

i love my old stylist, but she's now working at a salon that's just a little bit above my price range (would LOVE to spend under $200, if not WAY under $200, for a cut and color). that's just not tenable for me for the long term, as i get my hair done every month-6 weeks (b/c of the color)....

is this even possible? :P

i want someone who knows how to do color WELL (especially reds) but doesn't charge a zillion dollars.

it would also be nice to go where they sometimes get a little experimental or are a little offbeat. i.e. no staid, serious salons or stylists.

some place "cool", some place "fun"? gah, hopefully you know what i mean.

anyway, please pipe up if you can help this sister out. :)

a place in chelsea or parts adjacent (gramercy, flatiron, union square, e. or w. village, etc.) is preferable, but i certainly will travel further if need be, if a place or person is particularly good.



love, tricia