etsy love: wooly bison



whilst poking around on etsy looking for what's what in duffel bags these days (i love duffels at the moment! a bit of an obsession...) i came across these bags (one of which is a duffel, natch!) by etsy-ian wooly bison, who hails from seattle. all the handmade bags and accessories wooly bison creates are pilfered from secondhand/used wool suit jackets. such a smart, sassy (re)use of (what are normally often) staid, serious materials, no?
the duffels are super cute (!!!), but i am also grooving pretty hard on the navaho applique on the gray bag pictured above, as i am into folk textiles of the world (duh!); additionally, i gather that navaho and all things native american are currently having a moment at the i thought i'd let you whose aesthetic leans toward such things know about this lovely piece as well.
also, extra info for ya: wooly bison has a blog & a flickr page, which you can (now) peruse at your leisure.