(quick) fashion question(s): do you want to be rated?

(screenshot is a portion of iStyle's new facebook web-app, a place sharing "personal style and fashion trends")


over the past couple of years, a lot of style-sharing websites have come to the online fashion fore...and for many of them, "rating a look" seems to be a big feature. every time i see it as part of a set of features on those websites, i have to wonder, what's this rating thing all about? is it even what people want? i'm not into the idea myself...but maybe a LOT of other people are? maybe i am the odd woman out? it just doesn't float my boat.
sooo, it makes me want to ask you (you who post photos of yourself/your outfits online in such sites, keep a fashion/wardrobe or "personal style"-focused blog)...
-do you WANT to be rated on your "look"?
-do you want to be able to rate other people on their "looks"?
-if you're into rating, what do you like about the practice? what purpose does it serve for you, or for those you rate? is it all just meant to be fun, not at all serious? is it ever serious? do some people think of it as such?
-if you don't like the idea of rating someone's outfit or look, why not? can you elaborate on why it's not your thing?
-are there any rules to rating, spoken or unspoken? or is it a free-for-all?
-when you post a photo of yourself online, are you looking for feedback, good AND bad? do you accept constructive criticism? or any criticism at all? would someone's (or has someone's) potentially negative or unsavory comment honestly persuade you to change your stylish ways? or would you/did you just go on being you, despite the naysayers?
-what do you think of negative feedback (feedback that seems to go beyond constructive crit)? is it a matter of free speech, differing opinions, just the way it is online these days, and all that? should it be allowed, or encouraged? or discouraged? does it ever cross the line? if so, in what way? what would a person have to do to make you really feel uncomfortable?