handmade is the {new new} black

handmade is the new new black

love, love, love the sentiment on this lightweight tote bag i got at the renegade craft fair in brooklyn last weekend. nice, eh?
'tis made by these folks: the {new new} ny, a new-york-city-based collective whose manifesto is as follows (quoted from their site):

"...an eclectic group of independent artists in the Metro New York area devoted to fostering a creative and supportive environment among its members. The group encourages a spirit of camaraderie through craftsmanship and strives to help its members achieve success on both a personal and professional level. Members come from many different backgrounds and produce fine, handcrafted goods including clothing, home décor, jewelry, accessories, paper goods, bath and body products, toys, and baked goods. Everything is designed and produced locally by the talented artists of The {NewNew}."

visit their website for more information!