dispatches from my street(s)

-i think there's a mini-trend (or maybe not?) here in NYC (or maybe other places too??) for retro gold digital watches. on women at least. maybe men too? like this one. i'm *obsessed*. for one, they are gold, and gold is just,, to me, perfect. and they have this nerdy feel to them...which i love. i am a big, big nerd. i love it when things are a little bit geeky or awkward, fashion-wise. i saw a random gal wearing one in chelsea somewhere several weeks ago, and just couldn't forget about it. then i went for a haircut at soon beauty labs west (they are like, right around the corner from our pad, NICE!) and one of the stylists there was sporting one. she was this adorable asian gal, and the rest of her outfit was pretty killer too: a twee, fitted striped tank that had a bib applique trimmed with ruffles on the front, a gold necklace with a digital watch pendant (!!!), a navy blue tulip-shaped skirt that fell to the knee, and a tiny-fit vintage acid washed denim jacket. plus gold leather sandals. it all looked so, so superb together. like, i would wear absolutely everything she had on. and have, in some variation. anyway: i got me one, actually, two...and i am planning on wearing them together... -can all those crazy insane strappy super high heels (with platforms!!) go away?? please? now?? i know you all are wearing them and love them...but when you're accosted with them on just about everyone in a massive city like new york, you sort of get overloaded. some of them i am sure are nice (in design or material makeup), but so many of them look like first-century hooker shoes (to me, anyway). and you know what? teetering around uncomfortably looks...uncomfortable. i guess comfortable isn't in these days, eh? guess i'm way, way out. :)