cooler: {cunningly curved crochet}





(images via cooler)

what's with all the amazing crochet jewelry coming out of portugal? anyone have the intel on that? is there some sort of historical precedent? some established fiber arts deeply entrenched in the culture from whence this springs? do tell if you know something...i wanna know! i live for learning more about this kind of thing.
anyway, on a related note, check out these incredible crocheted collars fashioned out of cotton jersey by a portuguese maker who goes by the moniker cooler. i am in absolute lust. the colors! the fiberliciousness! crafty and yet so very sophisticated. love love love.
forgive me, i have mom brain: i can't remember how i came across these beauties (one of many posts on my still packed full yet culled down feed reader) flipped by and i clicked so fast i forgot to make note. thank you, you, whomever you were! *grin*