older ladies of the street (and why i love them)



these two ladies popped into my feed reader around the same time...and seeing them, one after the other, warmed my heart and made me smile. these ladies, though advanced in age, clearly have a young spirit residing within them. a penchant for expressing themselves in an artful, daring way that dallies with modernity, and youth without, to my eye, looking like a "mutton dressed as a lamb," as the old (tired) saying goes. they are at once "age appropriate" and pushing the envelope for what's expected of, or typically worn by their demographic (see: that pink hair, those plaid combat boots!!). i hope i look half as good when i find myself at their age...and that i am still expressing my own self with the same attention to detail and clearly apparent joie de vivre that these ladies project. they seem to delight in the act of dressing, perhaps they always have...it would be interesting to see what these women were like in their "younger years".


on a related note: i am happy that street fashion blogs like advanced style (still) exist, and that some street fashion photographers have a broad focus in the age, gender, race and aesthetic they choose to publish. diversity is good...it keeps life interesting, and the novelty is pleasing to the eye and the brain, no?


care to share any links to street fashion/fashion blogs which feature/focus on or are written/curated by/for people of "advanced age"? one's that do their work or express themselves with panache? do tell.