(free) knit(wear) patterns, woot!

in recent weeks, i've run across some VERY chic sewing patterns for knits, available for free via the internets, and i thought i'd pass the word along...


(image via uniform natural)

martha of uniform natural designed this drapey stunner called the origami wrap sweater, which is easy peasy, but has a sculptural shape and is suitable for any mid to heavy weight knit (as long as it doesn't have a whole lotta stretch, she says). she just put it up the other day; i totally want to make one...stat. wow...martha. just...wow. breathtaking and incredibly chic.


(image via tessuti fabrics)

the gals at sydney, australia's tessuti fabrics have this drapey tent-shaped tee up on the web for download here. i've made one myself already, it's amazing! the sleeves are fitted, and the rest isn't, it's very loose and comfy and kind of, i dunno, japanese, 80s-ish or something? i am so wanting to make another, but want to make it longer so it's more of a tunic/dress thing. i think i could just about live in it, so roomy and cuddly it would be. it comes out in a small-ish to medium size, so if you're bigger or smaller you'd have to add or subtract from/to the side seams. sews up in a flash.