(quick) fashion question: what are you sick of, and...what's next?

(image via daddy likey, whose author, winona, is, for better or worse, is a certifiable expert on the no-pants/showing your chocha trend)

this set of questions is actually, factually quick-ish (no time for verbosity at the momento!)...but i'd love to hear YOU elaborate/muse on these topics:
a.) what is currently "in"/"trendy"/"now" that has seen it's run and then some? anything you're completely sick of seeing at this juncture? what really bothers you? what's got to go?
and b.) what do you feel or hope is next, style or trend-wise? any insights? any small-time trends percolating that you've seen on your streets or on the web that feel like they are about to blow up soon-ish?
related to b.) but going the extra mile is... c.) what do you think we'll be donning in this coming decade? more vintage redux? vintage revivals of vintage revivals? platform stilletto ugg boots? going pantsless AND shirtless at the same time? or going the other direction and dressing like a complete nun??? where's it going from here?? any forecasts, you fashion futurists???