why i love etsy: reason #94654530304

because i can find kick-ass stuff like these KILLER gold boots from the 80s:

(image via PranceAndSwagger)

those suckers are now MINE MINE MINE. *cackles* can't wait to get them in my grubby paws and wear them until they fall apart...
they happen to be from PranceAndSwagger's shop. which you should really check out, it's got lots of good vintage finds...
seriously though, it's a great site! i don't think i'll ever stop gushing over it and about it. *loving sigh*


oh, hey...
preytell: what's been your favorite find, ever, on etsy, one you actually purchased and wear (vintage or handmade)? attach a pic or link if you wish, maybe i'll do a roundup of the best of your bests! :) c'mon, all, it'll be fun!