creative projects to use up (worsted weight) yarn bits?

bits o' yarn

calling all knitters & crocheters who happen to read this here blog!
what's your favorite way of using up your random ends of yarn? particularly your worsted weight yarns? can you recommend a favorite pattern or several patterns that are just the ticket for yarn oddments?
i have a gazillion little leftover bits of wool and wool blend yarns, the remainder from the myriad of projects i've completed over the last six (!!!) years. they are up there in the photo above. and that's only a small fraction of what i's merely the tip of the remnant yarn iceberg, if you will.
so far, i've put them to use as a wavy crocheted blanket, numerous cowls, a random stripey kids sweater, and a few more things...
i can think of a few more ways i might want to use it: to make striped legwarmers, striped mittens (for me and maybe a bunch of other folks!), more cowls, a top-down raglan fitted cardi for moi, a granny square or circle blanket for p., and, hrm...i'm still thinking ha!
anyway, i'm putting a call out to you, to ask for help for genius ideas to do with all this yarn. can you help??

maybe it will help more than just me!

do share!