iris apfel, an icon in motion


a great video featuring my favorite trendsetting octogenarian, iris apfel. it's basically a little bio on her, her tastes, her influences, her textile business. it's chock-full of great old photos of her from "back in the day" and lots of sage, style/life advice.
i've been a big fan of hers since seeing the 2005-2006 MET costume institute show, rara avis, that featured selections from her fun, bold wardrobe.
seeing her free and bold use of color, shape, motif, and texture was incredibly inspiring to me. it's still inspiring to me! she's a woman unafraid to experiment and try new things when it comes to fashion, and at the same time, she knows who she is and curates her style accordingly.
love these quotes from her in the video:
"i just mix and put things to together the way the spirit moves me"
"the fun of getting dressed is that it's a creative experience, sometimes it's better than another time"
"freedom of expression, of expressing yourself is the most important thing; if you don't you're all bottled up and choking."
"[be] free, free"
"you only have one trip [life], you might as well enjoy it"

...basically, i think she's saying:
if enjoying [style] means wearing what you like, the way you want to wear it, when you want to wear it, then... GO FOR IT. and make no apologies.
wise words! iris, you are wonderful!
(via advanced style)