who are you?

every so often i like to learn more about who's reading my blog...so i ask you:
who are you? tell me about yourself! what you're into, what's your background, anything you'd like to say about yourself. come out of the woodwork, lurkers! pretty please? i love hearing from you and about you. i think you're pretty amazing!


tell me what kinds of posts you like best here...what you'd like to see more of, going forward. introspective writing? interesting art? interesting fashion pieces/makers? photos? lists of obsessions? book peeks? me showing off stuff i made? cool fashion related or craft links? something else? if so, what?
why? b/c i'm planning some changes to this blog over time, but i'm interested in what you have to say and what you like, and why you come (which i know was addressed in a previous post)...it means a lot to me that you come at all.
danke! & happy weekend!!