thrift town: get used


okay, this is crazy old news, but...
about six gazillion years ago (ok, really, like three years ago, back in '07), when i was living out in san francisco, i did an interview for a documentary on thrift town, a bay-area thrift store chain.
anyway, i was waxing nostalgic about thrift town today with pete (oh how i miss that place!!! AHHHH!!!), and decided to google around to see if anything ever came of the doc. and voila! i turned up the documentary in toto, on the ever amazing youtube! yay! it's embedded above.
the documentary is called thrift town: get used. it's only about 10 minutes long (so, really, a short). i make a small appearance at the beginning of the film, and then at about 6:27 i get a longer bit...where they show me shopping around the store (checkin' out the clothes, shoes, and patterns, haha!) and i get a few seconds of face time just after that where i dork out and say some nice stuff about thrift town and thrifting in general. :)
[btw: the acid wash jumper dress and pink earrings i'm wearing in the documentary are thrift town finds. you can get a better look at the acid wash jumper here if ye are so inclined...]