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granny's coming along
what is it about cats and quilts?
garter patch throw

how did almost another month slip by without me posting anything?
oh well!
i've been busy...amongst other things, i have mostly rabidly working on what you see above:
-a granny square blanket using scraps from my yarn stash (will probably go on our bed, we shall see), edged with white...
-a garter patch throw blanket, also using yarn from my stash (i have a LOT of scraps, ok? it's pretty extreme!)...
-and seen in the center, a liberated "log cabin" (very loosely defined!) quilt, a la gwen marston, using all solids.
the patchwork work mostly gets done during the day (to take advantage of the daylight coming into my studio), and the knitting and crocheting fills many of my nights. i may start doing more patchwork stuff at night, as i now have a wonderful set of powerful tracklights in the studio, thanks to a local electrician.


i've been checking into the interwebs daily, but mostly, i'm just continuing to take a rest and i'm going through a period where i am mostly observing, rather than doing much contributing. i want to come back, but at the same time, i feel like i still need and want this time to step back, to just be in the background for a while, whilst i figure everything out.