thrift tags, anyone?

thrift tags

this is probably a long shot, but i'll ask these questions anyway:
-are you a big time thrifter?
-do any of your local thrift haunts have cool paper tags like those seen above?
-better yet, do you live in SF/the bay area and go to thrift town fairly often?

the reason i'm asking is...
i'm thinking of doing a mural sized art piece made from tags collected from thrift stores. thrift town, the thrift store chain i used to visit bi-weekly when i lived in SF had great colorful, graphic price tags, and after a while, i started collecting the tags with the idea of doing something with them.
this week, my daughter wanted to play with them, so they were in my sight again, and it struck me that they would look really cool if somehow collaged. i happened to be sitting in front of my sewing machine...and voila, i started sewing them together, so they are basically patchworked/pieced to one another.
sadly, though, i only have a small amount of them, used up the last of them today.
would you care to collect any tags from your local thrifts that look particularly cool? or any at all that you find, and send them my way?
it could be really cool to have tags from different places, all over the country, or world, even.
i'm trying to think of how i could repay you...maybe if you have a lot to send me i could reimburse your postage? sell you my soul? bake you some cookies? or send you a grabbag of cool crafty things i have laying around? must think about that! hee. need to think of something appropriate... :P
it would also be really cool if you could spread the word, if you're so inclined: "crazy woman needs thrift store tags for art project"...

email me if you think you could help contribute! thanks. :)