memory (like an elephant): spray painted gold boots

gold boots.png
(image via this ebay listing)


i seem to have this crazy long memory for interesting things i've spotted on others. i'll see someone wearing something in (what i feel is) an inspired way, make a mental note of it, and often find myself thinking about that person and that cool item of theirs, sometimes for years and years, oftentimes almost obsessively.
back in the mid-2000s, pete and i were out in san francisco, and were grabbing a drink at a local coffeehouse. said coffeehouse was in the mission, if the (faded) memory serves. i sat down to take a swig out of my juice, looked up and toward the cashier stand, and spotted a stylin', gray-haired, middle-age woman in a vintage-flavored, thrifty outfit, most of the details of which are by now quite hazy.
however, i remember one detail of her outfit quite distinctly: she was wearing a pair of nicely beat-up leather cowboy boots, that were spray-painted in a rich metallic gold. the paint job was a bit imperfect and/or a bit worn. i instantly fell in love...with her boots! gold!! old! awesome!
...i haven't stopped thinking about them since.
i've been meaning to replicate said boots (using an old pair of secondhand green leather justin's i've got laying around), but haven't gotten around to it...yet. maybe soon. maybe this post will provide the impetus i need to get going on that long fallow project...


two things...
one: have you ever spray painted your shoes/any shoes/an accessory/leather goods? what were the results? any tips on how to successfully "tag" your taps?
two: i wanna know about you! do you ever obsess over the details in others get-ups? do you have a memory of something you peeped on someone else stuck in your head, even still? were you moved to find or replicate that item or that person's look?

or am i the only elephant?