i've got a pattern in 'stitch and bitch superstar knitting'!

stitch and bitch superstar knitting by debbie stoller
my pattern in debbie's new book
my pattern in debbie's new book

more personal news of a crafty/"hey-i'm-published-again" sort: i've got a knitting pattern published in debbie stoller's newly-released tome, stitch and bitch superstar knitting! it's the "empire strikes back dress," which can be found page 293. it was formerly known as the age of acid empires sweater dress (my original name for it), it's the same dress i'm wearing in this ancient wardrobe_remix pic:


i'm so tickled that debbie chose to style the sweater with a contrasty color scheme (and have it modeled by a redhead!). hee hee! :)
thank you, thank you, thank you, debbie for letting me be a part of your book! this one, like all the others, is bound to be a big success...it's chock-full of great info and knitting knowledge and debbie's usual bon mots...and the patterns featured within are pretty frickin' killer. a little something for everyone: cables, lace, beading, and so much more. GO GET A COPY. :)


and to anyone who ever emailed me, commented at me, or pestered me via ravelry about whether a pattern for this sweaterdress would ever be available, here you go. :P enjoy.
also: if you ever make this dress, or a variation of it, email me! i'd love to see other people's twists or versions of it! :)