pinwheel block-making
pinwheel blocks

been spending the last several days (read: the weekend to now) making pinwheel patchwork blocks, using some beige twill i thrifted ages ago (so long ago i can't remember when or where i found it), and scraps of silks, cottons, cords and blends. found the instructions for this block in a great patchwork-making book i snagged at purl at some point last year, 501 rotary-cut quilt blocks by judy hopkins.
each block is about 12.5 inches square, and i've got about 16 of them, so i'm probably going to gather them up together and make some kind of 4 x 4 foot square wall-hanging thing. never mind that i have no more free wall space on which to hang such a hanging... :P
i've found myself wanting to do a lot of quilting of late, or patchwork, really. wanting to play with fabric, color, design using patchwork as my medium. but not always wanting to go to the trouble of making a bed-sized behemoth. so i'm only committing myself to small-ish wall-hangings (like this one), and i'm having a lot of fun...