the longest winter

salt underfoot
rock salt underfoot...


we've been getting utterly hammered by winter storms here in connecticut this year. one after the other, barely thawing in between. it's just piling up in giant, unwieldy heaps, blocking large bits of roads, obscuring and nearly obliterating sidewalks and shoulders of streets. the sound and scrape of plows against concrete has become a familiar, yet grating companion.
little p has missed countless days of preschool this month, pete's had to slog through knee-deep snow to get to work more days than he can count, and i am going more than a little mad from cabin fever. poppy and i stay in a lot of days because we a.) don't have much to do, and are trying to save money, and b.) sometimes the roads and walkways are incredibly perilous.
speaking of which, i slipped and took a MAJOR tumble at the tail end of last week. i was walking out my front door just after dinner and dark, intending to head over to the gym for a little much needed cardio. it had snowed and then gotten sunny earlier that day, and water had been dripping off our roof on to the walk. it had frozen over, and the super hadn't salted. i made it down my two front steps, and the minute my sneaker hit the asphalt, i found myself careening backwards. i hit the steps HARD, breaking my fall with, primarily, my right forearm, as well as my mid-back and left elbow and pinky. the whole scenario felt like it was happening in slow motion or something...i felt my feet slipping and recognized i was sliding but couldn't make myself react fast enough to grab on to anything. my right arm hurt right away and for's just now starting to feel better. i'm left with copious and sundry bruises, the biggest of which STILL aches 5 days out. OY.
*sigh* so ready for the thaw. praying it comes sooner rather than later!