waves chevrons and stripes

granny stripe rainbow afghan

bits of color from inside the abode of yours truly. a bright respite for the eyes to rest upon during the longest days of this winter, as i am so tired of looking outside at the heaps of (dirty) snow. thank goodness this winter is wrapping up, FINALLY. yesterday we had a gloriously warm 60F day (in february??) and it was so amazing. a taste of what's soon to come i hope. that groundhog better be right, damnit. :)


the last photo shows a granny stripe blanket i've got going, it's still in progress as i write this. unsure how big it's going to be in toto, it's about 6 feet wide and about 3-4 feet long at this most current juncture. the yarns used within are from debbie stoller's stitch nation line of yarns, in a rainbow gradation: bamboo ewe, full o' sheep, and alpaca love. i really like the saturated colors in the line; just my speed. the price is pretty darn affordable for the yardage, and the yarns are easy to find (michaels and joann fabrics both carry the ranges, the latter having more colors of each type, if not all of them). awesome. and it crochets up incredibly fast. win win win.


it's been kind of busy around here lately, especially on the weekends. personal changes are in the works...not at privy (due to my ongoing and persistent superstitions) to discuss anything quite yet, but will do so when the time is right. *crossing fingers*