mother's day in the city

walkin' in the city
fruits and veg
colbert meets warhol
west village

pete, poppy and i spent a lot of time in our plot at the community garden this weekend, and when the bulk of the work was done, later in the day yesterday, we escaped to the city. where temps were gorgeously perfect...not too cold, not too hot. flowers blooming everywhere. short skirts and bare shoulders were abounding, even my own (the former, though, not the latter).
got some sweet cards from pete and poppy. bought my own mother's day gifts at the awesome new marimekko shop-in-shop at the houston street crate and barrel; a yellow marimekko unikko mug and a marimekko tea towel with a potholder print.
got dinner later with friends in the LES...nicole and aaron, and their little miko.
a happy day, in one of my favorite places, with all my favorite people.